Spinning Home Flag Set

Item Number: 100.107
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3' x 5' grommeted nylon embroidered flag
Average review: 5

Detailed Description

  • No more tangled flags! This pole spins freely on a set of ball bearings, assuring that the flag will always be displayed properly.
  • 6' x 1" two-piece white aluminum pole with gold ball and adjustable multi-position mounting bracket
  • Includes 3' x 5' grommeted, nylon embroidered American flag
  • Will accept a flag with either grommets or pole sleeve

Customer Reviews

Quality Product

This is a good item. The Flag spins freely with the wind. Very good Quality.


No tangle

This is a good buy. Flag will last at least a year under normal conditions. Had some high winds this year so my year old flag is looking a bit raged.The pole is the secret here. It keeps the flag flying straight mine is attached to a fence post- vertical Good quality all around. Base is the weak point. If a high wind is expected it may break because of windload.. Replacing it is easy to order.

Fred D Chapman, OK

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