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3 x 5 Polyester American Flag

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Item Number: P35
Price: $18.95
Shipped After 6/29/2021
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Detailed Description

  • Polyester flags are engineered for industrial, commercial, or institutional use
  • First choice where high winds or extreme weather conditions exist
  • Our toughest, strongest, longest-lasting flag
  • Durable and resists stretching
  • Embroidered stars
  • Sewn stripes with double-stitched seams
  • Outside edges have 4 rows of lock stitching to resist tearing
  • Heavy canvas headings with full-sized brass grommets
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • Your flag purchase directly supports programs that provide help for America's children, veterans, and military families. Learn more

Customer Reviews

RatingFlags worth buying

I have bought flags from the American Legion for many years and have never been disappointed. The flags are of top quality and workmanship and whenever someone is looking for a flag I recommend them. Keep up the good work.
- G.S.Miller, IL 4/20/2021

RatingHurricane/Tropical Storm Isiasis in Eastern Virginia

I previously purchase 2 3x5 Polyester American Flags; not the pole. I live in Virginia Beach and were putting so much up for the Cat 1/Tropical storm Isiasis. We had forgotten to take the flag pole down. We had 3 early morning emergency Tornado alerts. The next morning, we noticed the flag is still in tact and in great shape. But our pole on the other hand was bent 90 degrees down from the base. The flag I purchased is durable, vibrant in color and survived its first Va. Beach storm of 2020. I will continue to purchase the Polyester flags from American Legion Flags/Emblem and recommend to anyone needing a US Flag!
- Wendy Leach, VA 8/5/2020

RatingFlying Our National Colors!

I have been flying the 3 x 5 Polyester American Legion Flag for years, long lasting and highly resistance to weather or sun damage in a Colorado environment. Supper great price, unmatched by any other flag vendors that I have used! As a war-time veteran, I fly my nations colors proudly!
- J. Allen, CO 8/1/2020

RatingThe Best

we have been using your flags for years and love them. Thank You
- joel, NE 4/24/2020

RatingUS and USAF Flags

These flags are beautiful and have the correct colors. A little heavy but the lighter flags did not last here in Florida. Have installed dedicated light and the flags are up constantly which is why I need the extra durability.
- Cary Martin, FL 4/4/2020

RatingUS American Flag

The flag I purchased is a great purchase. It is a great quality American flag. I fly it every day from day break to dusk come rain, snow, or whatever and it looks as sharp as the day I purchased it.
- Keith Hanson, WI 4/3/2020

RatingLegion rider

Flags are on my 2012 Honda trike. Used for Legion Riders escorts. Always look good
- Larry Turner, SD 4/2/2020


Iíve always loved flags coming from American Legion!
- Tedd Engel, IL 4/2/2020

RatingBeautiful flag

Sturdy,well made,excellent fabric
- Karen Covey, AZ 4/2/2020

RatingPlease credit American legion post 90 Cape Coral Fl.

Quality flag & price. Will purchase again in the future
- Mel Chmura, FL 4/1/2020

RatingGood quality flag

I have ordered flags from Flag & Emblem for several years and have never been disappointed in the quality. I dont even look at other options.
- Dean Larsen, WI 4/1/2020


Stands straight and tall in all weather conditions--always looking majestic. I am proud to display it!
- Cliff Couch, AZ 4/1/2020

Rating3 new flags

Thanks for the speedy and high quality shipment to us of 2 American and 1 POW/MIA flags. They are superb and we wouldnt buy from anyone else!
- Bob H., IL 4/1/2020

Rating3 x 5 Polyester American Flag review

Looks great with my new POW/MIA on my new 25 foot flagpole.
- William Burgess, GA 4/1/2020

RatingLt. Col. USAF, Retired

I always like your flags. The last one you sent is still in the box. I like to have one in reserve for when the one I fly every day tears or gets too dirty to fly. If I did not like the ones you send, I wouldnt keep coming back. Thanks for your service and product.
- Morton Friedlan, NV 4/1/2020

RatingAwesome deal!

Great price for the flag...quick delivery...survived the weather and wind here at the beach better than any other flag that I have purchased elsewhere...will be back for another!
- Zeke Przygocki, DE 4/1/2020

RatingHigh Quality USA Flag

Very impressed with the quality of this American Flag! Embroidered stars and thick material make this flag the highest quality flag I have purchased!
- Abby, AZ 6/25/2018

RatingGreat value and endurance

I fly the flag 7x24 and this model lasts no less than 9 months without fraying.
- MikeR, NJ 6/25/2018

Ratinggreat flag

A good value. Its price, quality and construction are all better than satisfactory. I display it sunrise to sunset 365 days a year an it still looks good after a year. I change it every 15 months
- don lucian, FL 6/18/2018

RatingFantastic Flag

Very well made with the exception of the grommets. I say that because within 2 days of flying this wonderful flag the grommets were pulling lose.Nothing but a slight breeze and I do take it down in bad weather. Brilliant colors and fantastic stitching otherwise. This American Flag is a beauty and Im proud to display it. Looks so beautiful under light at night.
- David Nero, PA 6/15/2018


I had always bought my flags at other outlets never knowing that I could have bought them from American Legion Flags. Great flags at a great price.
- Jim Hine, PA 6/15/2018

RatingFuneral Director

Great high quality flags at a great price
- Jeff Werth, WI 6/14/2018

RatingBetter Price - Great Quality

I buy a couple of these every year, and save $6 per flag through American Legion versus Walmart or other online sellers.
- Dave, CO 6/13/2018


Good quality
- Charlie, AZ 6/13/2018

RatingGreat flag!!

The colors are vibrant and the material looks to be very sturdy. I have this flag out every day.
- Peggy, NC 6/13/2018

RatingLove my flag

The flag didnt take long to get to my home. The flag is extremely durable, MADE IN THE U.S.A., and colors are very vibrant. Thanks to everyone. If I could add a photo, I would. Very proud.
- Wesley W Hayes, NC 6/13/2018

RatingGood flag

Got what I paid for. A good 3x5 American flag to fly.
- Phillip DeMouy, MS 6/13/2018

RatingGreat Flag and not just because it is our nations flag

Flag looks great. The colors are bright and it is very well made. Cannot attest to how long it may last, as it has only been up for a month. I live in Albuquerque, NM and we have a lot of wind. If it lasts a year, it will be twice as long as my last two flags from a different source. From the quality of the materials and the fabrication, I expect it will hold up very well.
- Randy, NM 6/13/2018

RatingVery nice flag

The quality of this flag is great. Flying it proudly in front of my home. Dont forget to purchase here because it helps the American Legion.
- Jim, NJ 6/13/2018

RatingHigh Quality Flag

The flag is very well constructed of high quality materials. Very brilliant colors.
- David Lora, CA 6/12/2018

RatingVery pleased

Very pleased High quality. Use 24/7 and after 6 mos still fine color and very little wear and tear. Bought replacement for future if and when needed
- Robert Castner, NM 6/12/2018

RatingMy flags

Great quality and great price. I have recommended your company to a few of my friends.
- Norein weinandt, MN 6/12/2018

RatingOK flag for a windy area

This is a good flag and holds up pretty good if you have less wind then other states. I can get about 6-8 months out of the flag before it starts to fall apart. The VFW has a better flag for high wind areas and cost about ten dollars more then this flag. But it will last a full year if that makes a difference. I wish the American Legion flag store sold the high wind flag. I think its call a Texas Flag??
- Jim, MN 6/12/2018

RatingQuality Flag!!!

Shes a beauty! Be sure your flagpole can handle her though, she weighs more than your average Flag.
- Frank Steinbuch, NY 6/12/2018

RatingOld Glory

I have bought several of these flags over the years and I am well satisfied with them. They are durable and hold their colors well. I replace mine one week prior to Memorial Day annually.
- Thomas Rappleye, KY 6/12/2018

RatingAll these flags are top quality

I purchased these flags for myself and some friends because the pricing is as good I can find for this high quality of product. Each of the polyester American flags will last for one year even when exposed to midwest weather extremes.
James Reynolds 6/12/2018

RatingBest Flags Available

Always buy the flags for my house and my neighborhood community center from AmericanLegion Flags. Absolutely the best and most durable flags that withstand the exposure to the severe ultra-violet rays and wild weather here in the Rockies.
- Mike Watson, CO 6/12/2018

Ratingpride in flying the flag

flag was very nice as usual - vibrant colors, nice material and a wonderful price and I also could donate toward our legion at the same time
- gus, WI 6/12/2018

RatingVery Nice Flag

Flag has very bright colors and appears to well made, time will tell!
- Gary West, OR 6/12/2018

RatingVeterans Flag

As a Legionare I always buy my flags through the American Legion. The flags are the best and are made right here in the USA.
- MichaelGilstrap, TX 6/12/2018


I purchased 4 of the polyester 3 x 5 flags that are supposed to withstand higher winds. The first one I put up started to come apart on the top of the flag seam, not on the side seam that usually fails. It hasnt unraveled much more but looks ragged for a new flag.
- Steven Michels, IA 6/12/2018

RatingFlag replacement for the daughter ...

Visited for a granddaughters graduation from college ... noticed the flag flying out front was definitely threadbare ... ordered the new flag ... they loved it! Exceptional quality & price!
- C. M. Novess II, AZ 6/12/2018


Buy American First....American Legion is the Best way to go....Semper Fi!
- Arturo L. Perez, TX 6/12/2018

RatingGreat quality

This is a great quality flag for the price. And, we are pleased that a portion of our purchase will support our local American Legion.
- Jennifer, MO 6/12/2018

RatingNew Flag

I only gave it 4 stars because my last flag was made by Annin and it seemed to be made with a little heavier material.
- Ted Hahula, NJ 6/12/2018

RatingThe best flags ever

The two flags that I bought are the best quality for the lowest price ever. My neighbors flag was getting ragged so I replaced it with one of mine. They look great now.
- Charles Barrett, GA 6/12/2018

RatingLegion flags

Great value and great flag.
- Sue Nolan, OH 6/12/2018

RatingMy new flag

Im very happy with my new flag, Ive purchased here before and Ill keep coming back. Great flag that last well day and night.
- Edward Inman, NY 6/12/2018

RatingBeautiful Flag

This is the second flag Ive bought here and I assure you when I need another I will get it here again. First class all the way.
- C. Jesclard, LA 6/12/2018

RatingHopefuly will withstand the AZ spring winds!

Have gone through a number of quality nylon flags where we live on a hill in AZ but they really wear out quickly, so was happy to see the polyester version that supposed to be more resilient to high winds - well see!
- Tom, AZ 6/12/2018

RatingFlag over America

Flags look great , And Made In America , Love it !
- Lawrence R West, IL 6/12/2018


I have been ordering flags from American Legion for several years and they are the best quality and best price
- Roger, IN 6/12/2018

RatingAmerican Flag

The flag holds up well! We live in a state that is very windy.
- John Schwartz, OK 6/12/2018

RatingExcellent quality

Finest flag for the money.
- David Duncan, KY 6/12/2018

RatingSo nice I bought one for my neighbor

After going through two cheap nylon flags, I bought one from the American Legion after I saw a link on their website. It was so nice that I bought the same one for my neighbor.
- Julia Stevens, FL 6/12/2018

RatingA real beauty!

This flag is so well made. So glad we spent a few extra bucks to get an embroidered one. I would expect a flag of this quality to cost a lot more. We will display it proudly!
- Darlene, CA 6/12/2018

RatingTough Flag

I have used these flags for a long time. Usually replace annually. Where I live the wind gets up to 40 mph regularly. These flags hold up well.
- HD Sumner, CA 6/12/2018

Ratingquality always

Ive been buying my flags from american legion flags for a number of years. The entire experience has been great, friendly helpful service, quality products and fair prices, I cant ask for any more than that.
- Ed, MN 6/12/2018

RatingLove It.

Good deal & a worthy cause. Flag is very good quality.
- Mark, VT 6/12/2018


I purchased a polyester American Flag it is very well made and of sturdy material. Almost on a daily basis I have a strong south to north wind and the flag is durable and takes the wind very well I have NO complaints with it at all
- Rick Colburn, OH 6/12/2018

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